Lehigh Valley & Bethlehem's First Hookah Lounge & Turkish/Mediterranean Cafe

WELCOME to Hookah Turka, the Lehigh Valley's First Hookah Lounge and Turkish - Mediterranean Cafe


Please be advised that we are an 18 to enter facility and we will strongly enforce this policy. Please be prepared to show a government issued ID. If you are not a U.S. resident, please bring your Passport. If your picture or age is not clear on the ID, you may be asked to show a 2nd form of ID. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as this is a State Law.

We kindly ask you to review our dress code

DRESS CODE: No baseball caps, no baggy, ripped or low hanging jeans, no midriffs or excessive cleavage, no offensive or derogatary messages on clothing, no open toed sandals such as flip flops.

Now the fun stuff.......

So what exactly Hookah Turka does offer?


• An amazing variety of great tasting Mediterranean food, coffees, teas, drinks, and desserts with many vegan and vegetarian options!

• Over 75 Flavors!!We have a great selection of hookahs with single to multiple hoses!!!

• Reserve our exotic upscale VIP Istanbul Nights room for private parties!!!!

• Come chill in a relaxing modern yet rustic environment while you let our international music set the mood!!!!!

Hookah Turka

Duygu is the owner and operator of Hookah Turka. A native to Lehigh Valley for 20+ years, she grew up in Bethlehem, went to Clearview Elementary, Nitschmann Middle School and Liberty High School. She then went on to college at Penn State and also did a "Study Abroad" program for a year in Istanbul, Turkey where she spent many leisurely hours enjoying hookah with her friends. Opening a hookah lounge in Bethlehem has been a dream of Duygu's for a long time. After graduating with a degree in Sociology in 2008,  she started thinking about how to turn this dream of hers in to a reality. She envisioned a place that was warm, welcoming, eclectic, relaxing, a fusion of old and new, the ultimate after-hours hang out place that she was never able to find in Bethlehem to enjoy with her friends to put a perfect end to a nice "night out on the town" after dinner or dance.

Her Turkish heritage gave her the appreciation for the Hookah and the whole culture that comes along with it. It is all about taking time to enjoy life. Even if it is for half an hour, it is time spent relaxing, chatting with friends or making new ones and having fun doing it.